Full Moon in Libra


While the upcoming Full Moon is in Libra (4/17/11, 7:45 PM, 28 degrees), it is impossible to ignore the loud presence of Aries in the chart of this Super Moon. The past two weeks since the New Moon in Aries (April 3rd) have featured a planetary lineup of as many as 6 planets in Aries simultaneously. With the Mercury Retrograde also taking its entire backward trek through Aries, this has been a time of more noticeable difficulties in communication, and many of them heated. Perhaps we ourselves were not the ones engaging in such behavior, but we likely noticed the shadow side of Aries popping up around us, the archetypal realm channeling into the physical world for us to see. I’ve heard many personal stories from clients and friends about the more unpleasant qualities of Aries entering into their lives via confrontations with the “selfish” behavior of other people, or showing up as their own anger bursting forth unexpectedly (hello, transiting Mars-Uranus conjunction in Aries). Libra is the opposite sign of Aries, and its aims are cooperation, balance, and harmony. The Libran shadow, however, is indecision, approval-seeking, and self-compromise. As the New Moon waxes to the Full Moon, the two week period is a time in which we begin to see vividly, by the light of the moon, the results of the seeds planted at the beginning of the cycle. The Libra Full Moon on April 17th will ask us: How can we now bring into balance the energies of Aries and Libra in our own lives?

Saturn also enters the picture here, as the Moon joins poor, lonely Saturn in Libra the day before the Full Moon. Saturn has been hanging out there by himself, a lone planet opposing all that Aries energy since way back in March. The “hanging out by himself” part may not be too uncomfortable for ‘ole Saturn, but the energy of “opposition” has made the contrasts between Aries and Libra more stark on the world stage, and in our lives. Saturn represents our inner adult, the archetypal presence of the wise sage, the elder. I have an image of Saturn as the old schoolmaster standing in front of a classroom full of unruly schoolchildren (read – all those planets in Aries) on the first day of school – we know things may not go well, and it is certainly a challenging situation for the teacher. The Moon joins Saturn over the next two-day period, perhaps lending some support and a much-needed softer touch now. The Moon is at its brightest when full, shining its light on the unconscious material we now need to integrate: the Libran lessons of peace, love, and understanding. Easy, right?

The Aries energies will continue to be strong until the lineup of planets there starts to break up and move into Taurus about May 16th. The cosmos is obviously giving us a large dose of Aries medicine for a reason. As an Evolutionary Astrologer, my thinking is that these planetary lineups are not happening randomly, nor are they just here to annoy us. There is something of value right now to be gained by learning from the Aries archetype, and by integrating the insights we’ve garnered over the past two weeks as the Moon lights up Libra. Aries is not just the angry, self-centered baby of the zodiac, although that might be descriptive of the dysfunctional expression of this sign. Aries, in its most positive expression, is the Warrior/Warrioress, the one who fights the “good fight.” What is the “good fight” in your life? What is worthy of your energy, time, and protection? Perhaps it’s time to fight for something you’ve been giving up on all too easily. Additionally, confrontations in your life right now which bear the mark of “angry Aries” may be providing opportunities for you to set boundaries (Saturn) in a way that is fair (Libra) while not losing sight of your own desires and motivations (Aries). It’s a tricky balancing act, but the Aries spirit invites us to be courageous.

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